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Any good Business Intelligence solution has to apply specific principles in order to add business value and assist in making better decisions. 

Invantage Dynamic Measurement addresses the major principles required to make a solution relevant, for example Timeliness, Accuracy, Validity, Completeness, Standardisation, Consistency, etc.

Our solution is a revolutionary, customer-needs focused approach to Business Intelligence. BRMS is different from traditional Business Intelligence solutions in the following ways:

Cloud-based, hosted & browser accessible:
No additional infrastructure to be maintained on site at the customer. All you need is your Internet browser.
Customer rents BRMS software and skills
Immediate access to working solution without lengthy contracts.
Makes high-end BI accessible without huge upfront investments:
Under rental agreement, no capital expense is required, nor additional resources on site.
Innovative delivery model that passes cost benefit to customer:
Our customers get access to a centre of executive reporting excellence at a low monthly cost, at low risk and with guaranteed results.
Invantage team backup:
Invantage is experienced in advanced information management solutions. BRMS customers optionally have access to this team with vast problem solving knowledge.
Very quick implementation cycle:
With quick we mean days, not weeks or months. Our best practice approach allows us to make available dashboards very quickly.

Below are some examples of what to expect from your BRMS dashboard.

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